5 Ways to Make Your Organization's Core Values Thrive


Janine Dueck


Creative Director

5 Ways to Make Your Organization's Core Values Thrive

Company core values are like the soul of your organization—they define its identity, what it cherishes, its inherent behavior, and its guiding force. They're not just fancy words for a website or office decor; they should pulse through every aspect of your organization, shaping decisions, actions, and interactions. Infact, one of Rockefeller’s 10 Habits for Success involves core values: Core values and purpose are “alive” in the organization.

So how do you ensure these values go beyond mere words and truly permeate every facet of your operations?

Here are five powerful strategies to ignite your organization's core values:

1. Lead by Example

First things first: leaders must truly embody the core values. This is where "do as I do" takes precedence over "do as I say". Leaders, you need to be the reflection of the core values in your actions and decisions. Your employees will easily notice if your actions contradict your words. So, to inspire others to follow and live by the company's core values, you need to exhibit them invariably.

2. Integrate Core Values into the Culture

Integrate core values deeply into your organizational processes and procedures, from how you welcome new team members and assess their performance, to planning strategically for the future. Also, foster a culture where core values are not just policies but deeply ingrained beliefs. Encourage open conversations about values, seek input on how they're lived out day-to-day, and adapt them as your organization evolves over time.

3. Empower Your Team

Encourage staff to interpret and apply core values in their roles. Provide opportunities for them to suggest initiatives or improvements that align with these values, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment.

4. Regular Check-ins

Although your core values might be deeply ingrained, regular check-ins and one-on-one meetings can be a decisive way to reinforce them actively. During meetings or performance reviews, reiterate the importance of these values.

5. Celebrate Core Values In Action

Share stories and examples of how core values have positively impacted projects, teams, or the organization as a whole. Encourage one another! 

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