Web Design + Maintenance

Websites are pivotal in your organizational digital strategy. Regularly updating your site is essential for fostering the growth of your organization, ensuring its ongoing appeal and engagement.

It’s important to ensure your websites remains fresh and dynamic. Engagement elements such as SEO and page speed are crucial for your website's success and, consequently, your business/church/nonprofit. They play a pivotal role in how customers discover and learn about your business even before converting into actual customers/members.

Our Design and Development teams not only build beautiful and high-performing sites that leave a lasting impression, they also help migrate a current site and strategically manage the maintenance. We offer:

WEBSITE DESIGN: We'll create your website, your way! The PMF web team specializes in crafting SEO-friendly, beautifully unique and efficient websites according to your specifications–one that you'll be proud to share.

WEBSITE MAINTENANCE: Website maintenance shouldn't be a cumbersome process—
let our PMF experts maintain your site so it stays fresh and up to date. We offer monthly, weekly or up to 3x per week maintenance updates including hassle-free weekly sermon/podcast updates, campaign landing pages, and more.

Some of Our Latest Work

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