Community Counseling


We provided a fresh visual identity and brand new website presence for our friends at Community Counseling in Hockley, Texas. Community Counseling empowers people to live more meaningful lives and aims to help people see hope for change and a better tomorrow. Our team created a dynamic brand to reflect their four pillars: change, healing, hope and freedom. When the four elements unite, the logo then forms into a butterfly, which is iconic of change.


This business organization sought a comprehensive redesign, spanning their logo, branding identity, and website. Their goal was to form a collaborative partnership with a trusted creative agency that could provide guidance and support in developing a strategy centered around building a hopeful, meaningful, and memorable brand. The visual communication of their four values – change, hope, healing, and freedom – was a key focus in this rebranding effort.

Solution and Outcome:

Our branding team translated the client's vision into reality by incorporating a butterfly, symbolizing change. Each wing of the modern iconic butterfly logo was dedicated to one of their core values. The use of a warmer and brighter green, signifying "hope," along with its blue-green accent color, combined with the meaningful butterfly logo, left the client deeply impressed. Following the approval of the branding, we proceeded with the website design and maintenance, ensuring a user-friendly experience for their clients seeking the best versions of themselves. The website facilitates appointments, supporting individuals in their journey towards a balanced life encompassing mind, body, and spirit.

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