Creativo AI


Brand identity design, logos, genie character-strategy, video production and website maintenance for an amazing Artificial Intelligence technology company. Creativo AI helps teams with copy and design, social media marketing and beautiful websites. Creativo AI is basically like having your own personal genie that can grant you 3 wishes when it comes to the world of marketing, so if you're looking to get things done on a tight budget and timeline using the incredible power of AI technology, connect with the genie at Creativo AI. ✨


The software company was undergoing a transformation from a design-focused business organization to a tech company leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. In need of a comprehensive brand identity refresh, they sought a creatively collaborative partner to contribute to the development of a new vision and strategy.

Solution and Outcome:

Through collaborative efforts, we formulated a strategy and conceptualized a brand mascot, giving birth to the idea and design of their AI genie. Once the genie brand was solidified, we seamlessly integrated it into a strategically designed promotional video and revamped website layout, adding a touch of magic to their overall branding experience.

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