Premo Fusion


Strategy, brand's name, visual identity, logo and logo patterns for our friends at Premo Fusion.
Premo Fusion is a dynamic start-up specializing in salsa and hot sauce, known for blending unique and bold flavors. This isn't your grandma's salsa; Premo Fusion offers an adventurous range of flavors, from mango and pineapple to habanero peppers, watermelon, and chiltepin. Their products pack a punch and ignite tastebuds even before the first bite. We're excited to share that Premo Fusion's salsa will soon be featured in reputable hotels across the United States.


As a new business starting from the ground up, Premo Fusion needed to establish a comprehensive brand identity. They sought a collaborative partnership with a trusted creative agency to help realize their vision. Their goal was to develop a robust and memorable brand strategy, including a distinctive logo mark that could stand alone or integrate seamlessly into their wordmark.

Solution and Outcome:

Our team created a logo for Premo Fusion by incorporating a chili pepper and flame into the "O" of the wordmark. This fusion of elements resulted in a design that truly resonates with the brand's bold and fiery essence. The client was thrilled with the outcome, and we can't wait to experience the flavorful fusion firsthand!

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