GULF SHORES Methodist Church


Logo and identity design for Gulf Shores Methodist Church, a church that reaches out with God’s engulfing love, hope, and healing, so that all may experience and share in the joy of service, witness, and worship.


This Methodist church was in need of a complete brand identity and sought a professional partner with expertise in working with church clients to enhance their branding and online presence. Their objective was to form a reliable partnership with an experienced creative agency that could provide guidance and support in crafting a strategic brand identity that deeply resonated with their congregation. Being that this church is located on the gulf, and their aim is to reach out to others about God's love, hope and healing, they wanted the design to cohesively reflect their location and mission.

Solution and Outcome:

Our branding team translated the client's desires into reality by incorporating a wave that flows and forms into a G and S for "Gulf Shores". The wave icon reflects not only their location and initials of their church name, but also the notion that God's love is engulfing and His grace washes over people, symbolizing hope and healing. By seamlessly integrating iconic and meaningful elements into the wave, the client was thoroughly impressed with the new logo design. Their congregation loved how it turned out!

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