The Bridge Church


Series graphics for our friends at The Bridge Church in Northern Kentucky. Graphics pack for on-screens, social media and promotional materials. On-trend sermon designs help capture the attention of your desired target audience. Have a long series? Why not incorporate the design into swag to add to the hype and bring the visuals into the community at large; this serves as a great opportunity to jumpstart any conversation and creatively invite people to your church. We write compelling content and feature design/elements on your social media platforms to help create a cohesive aesthetic.


This client sought a design for a sermon series that resonated with a target audience of Gen Z and millennials while also capturing the attention of a multigenerational community.

Solution and Outcome:

Through strategic incorporation of trendy fonts, bold colors, and contemporary design elements, alongside more traditional and recognizable collaged cutouts, the series design resonated well with the congregation. It was successfully implemented and shared on social media platforms, resulting in a broader reach and increased engagement from their online viewers.

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