Turning Point Church


Every year Turning Point does a series around love and relationships. This year their series (called "What Are We?") focused on the the many people that experience confusion in dating, singleness, etc. and how a question that is often asked from one partner to the other is "What Are We?" We at PMF Creative brought their vision to life by designing an aesthetically pleasing and eye-catching graphics package that complemented a teaching series that brought clarity to different stages of relationships (dating, singleness, marriage, etc.) and what they mean.


Given that this is an annual series revolving around relationships, the church aimed to have us create a visually compelling design that effectively conveyed the perennial message while infusing a fresh and contemporary perspective into the theme.

Solution and Outcome:

The incorporation of a warm and bold color scheme, along with central focal point imagery and contemporary design elements, left the client thoroughly impressed and the relationship sermon series was well received by their community, showcasing the success of our creative approach.

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